7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gynecologist in Manhattan

One of the most important decisions in a woman’s life is the choice of her OB-GYN. Your specific health and reproductive needs should be handled by an experienced and caring doctor who understands the full scope of your situation.

Your NYC OB-GYN will be there for more than just 9 months of a pregnancy. They will be your health partner for all the stages of your life. It is important to choose a doctor you trust completely and has your best interests in mind.

Here are seven factors to consider when choosing a gynecologist in Manhattan.

1. Ask for Referrals

Your New York OB-GYN must be someone you trust. The best place to start is to find out who your friends and family trust.

Ask around and see who they recommend. You should also try and determine the type of treatment or experiences they had if they are willing to share this information.

In addition, inquire with your general or family doctor for their recommendations. Make a list of a few you like the best and move on to do some research.

2. Check Out Their Credentials

After you have accumulated a few names, take time to review their credentials. A doctor can have a license to practice and still not have all the necessary credentials.

The OB-GYN you pick should be board certified with no history of any disciplinary reports or malpractice suits.

It only takes a few minutes to check out these statistics and the information is priceless when choosing your new doctor.

3. Review Their Experience

Your reproductive and sexual health should be protected and treated by a doctor with experience in the areas you need or may need in the future.

Be aware of your family’s history with any pregnancy or gynecological issues. If you may be susceptible to high-risk pregnancies, certain cancer risks, and other related conditions you need to find a doctor with the exact experience you need.

It is helpful to read online reviews. However, keep in mind that some people are never satisfied and look for trends and not just one negative review.

4. Look Into Your Insurance Coverage

If you have health insurance, this is a practical consideration.

It is a good idea when choosing a doctor to confirm they are within network with your insurance company. Coverage may be a deciding factor and will also help to narrow the candidates.

You can still pick a doctor out of network but you need an understanding of what any out-of-pocket costs will be.

5. Research Their Hospital

Not only are you choosing a doctor, but you are also choosing a hospital. Should any of your conditions require a hospital stay, or when you give birth, you will be admitted to the hospital where they practice.

The quality of the hospital will speak to the overall care you will receive. You will not just be seen by the doctor, but also nurses and other staff. Make sure the hospital has a good reputation.

Distance is often a factor as well. You may be taking frequent trips to this hospital and it should be convenient to get to and not too far away.

6. Can You Be Completely Honest With Them?

Other than their experience, this may be the most important factor to consider. You must establish a relationship with your Upper East Side OB-GYN where you can be completely honest with them.

Your doctor not only treats the most intimate areas of your body but is also privy to intimate details. They must someone you would feel comfortable asking for an STD test if needed.

If you cannot be truthful in sharing concerns then this is not the right doctor.

You should also consider their gender. Do you want a female gynecologist? Not all women do, but it is worth thinking about and choosing someone you can openly communicate with.

Another thought to keep in mind is if you need, or would prefer, a Spanish speaking OB-GYN. Having a doctor who speaks your native language will help in communication and trust levels.

7. Are They Open to Discussing Issues Important to You

In addition to their honesty, their communication style is important. Your doctor should listen to you and address all your concerns.

What are their goals and practices for pain management? How available are they after hours?

Are they open to the possibility of a vaginal delivery after a previous C-section?

Whatever your concerns or wishes are you need to find an OB-GYN who will patiently discuss each one.

Topics to Discuss With Your Gynecologist in Manhattan

Going to an OB-GYN appointment is stressful and even embarrassing for some. It is easy in those situations to forget important issues to talk about. Here are just a few.

If you are experiencing any new symptoms and are unsure if they are related to a gynecological issue, then just speak up! Discuss what is happening and see what they suggest.

If you are using birth control, or wish to start, please talk about all available options and which one will work the best for you. There are many options available. If you try one and it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, go back and try something else.

Use this visit to stay on top of any testing needed. Is it time for a mammogram? Do you feel it would be a good idea to get tested for STDs?  Have an open conversation and follow their recommendations.

Too Important To Put Off

Your sexual and reproductive health is too important to ignore or put off. It should be your goal to find a trusted and experienced gynecologist in Manhattan.

This doctor will walk with you through all your health concerns and then be with you through any pregnancies to ensure both a healthy baby and mother.

We offer comprehensive care through all the stages of your OB-GYN needs. Our dedication is to women’s health care.

For more information on how we can assist you with our premium care services, please reach out.