What to Ask Your OBGYN When Trying to Get Pregnant

The decision to start a family is also a time for excitement, love, and pure joy. Trying to get pregnant, however, isn’t always simple. Some will become pregnant after one time trying, while others might have a more difficult time.

Everyone is different and therefore must treat their processes of conception and pregnancies differently. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant or simply want to make sure your mind and body are ready to become pregnant, then you’ll want to speak with your OBGYN.

Your obstetrician at your gynecologist office will sit down with you and answer your questions, talk about your concerns, and help you begin your pregnancy planning process. Before you schedule your appointment to speak with them, be sure to know what questions to ask.

In this guide below, you’ll discover several questions to ask your OBGYN when trying to get pregnant.

Can I Request a Fertility Consultation?

If you have any concerns about your ability to get pregnant, then be sure to request a fertility consultation with your OBGYN. Even if you have an annual check-up schedule at the office, you should schedule a timeslot devoted completely to the topic of your fertility.

This allows you all the time you need to ask questions, talk about concerns, and get the answers you need from your OBGYN. When you schedule a fertility consultation, you can also plan ahead for it better than when trying to fit in a bunch of fertility questions during your annual.

When and How Should I Stop My Birth Control?

If you’re currently taking birth control, then be sure to speak with your OBGYN about stopping it. Depending on the type of birth control you’re taking, you might need to wait until a certain time of the month or date to stop taking it or have it removed. It’s important you speak with your doctor about stopping it before doing so.

Following all of your doctor’s advice is the best way to ensure you take yourself off of birth control in a healthy way.

What Are Some Lifestyle Changes I Should Make?

Sometimes, fertility issues are due to a person’s lifestyle. When having trouble getting pregnant, ask your OBGYN about possible changes you should make to your lifestyle.

Avoiding recreational drug use, keep your mind and body healthy, and reducing stress are just a few changes you can make to your lifestyle to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. When speaking with the doctor, do be sure to stay honest.

If you’re dishonest about something, then your OBGYN won’t be able to help you to their best abilities. As long as your honest, you can receive the help and advice you need.

What Are Some Complications I Might Experience?

The process of becoming pregnant, the pregnancy itself, and giving birth all come with the possibility of complications. Some women go through the entire process without one hurdle to overcome. Others experience several challenges along the way.

Each pregnancy is different and your own unique circumstances and health have an effect on pregnancy risks as well. Ask your OBGYN about your possible risks and complications during pregnancy. Ask about possible complications you might experience while trying to get pregnant also.

What Medications Are Safe to Continue Taking?

When your birth control is the only medication you’re taking, you don’t have to worry about speaking to your OBGYN about safe medications to take before, during, and after pregnancy. If you’re taking any other types of medications (prescriptions or over the counter), then be sure to ask your OBGYN about the safety of them while trying to get pregnant.

To make things simple, consider bringing a list of all your current medications with you to the consultation. You and your doctor can then go through the entire list and talk about alternatives to certain medications if needed.

Can I Be Tested for Infertility?

Are you still having trouble getting pregnant even though you’re doing everything right? There may be a fertility issue not treated with lifestyle changes. Ask your OBGYN if you can be tested for infertility.

You’ll then be able to schedule an infertility assessment and test. Once these are completed, you and your OBGYN can then sit down and discuss the next best steps to take moving forward.

How Long Will It Take to Become Pregnant?

Your OBGYN won’t be able to give you a specific answer to this question, but they will be able to give you some sort of idea or timeline. They can look at your past OBGYN records, your age, and other factors to determine a timeline for becoming pregnant.

When the timeline is up and you still have had no luck, you can then discuss your options.

What Does the Pregnancy Process Look Like Here?

When bringing a child into this world, you want only the best of the best. Be sure to ask your OBGYN what the entire pregnancy process looks like at their office. How often will you come in for check-ups?

What type of services are offered? Who will be delivering the baby? Find out the answers to these questions and any other questions you have about the office.

When Trying to Get Pregnant, Write These Questions Down

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and we want you to feel well-prepared and comfortable during the entire process. Bring this list of questions, plus add a few more of your own, with you when you speak to your OBGYN about trying to get pregnant.

Are you ready to start the process?

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