Why Intrauterine Device (IUD) is one of the trendiest contraceptives

The Intrauterine Device (IUD) in New Year: Different birth control methods such as the pills or Ortho Evra patch, have all been around for a while. Despite their existence, sexually active women who may not wish to conceive are advised to seek alternative birth control methods. With most of them still on the search for the perfect contraception method, a systematic review has analyzed a host of studies that compare the contraceptive skin patch to the IUD and other common contraception methods. This article sets out to present a few insights into the use of the IUD, its benefits, modality of use, side effects and preferences of application.

The Intrauterine Device (IUD) as a birth control method has become popular amongst women who are sexually active but wish to control births. Besides, the device has earned a seal of approval among the American Pediatric who have endorsed the device as an excellent method in preventing pregnancy in teenage girls. To add to that, copper IUDs are the most popular birth control methods among doctors and nurses, a fact that makes the devices appeal even more.

While there are exhaustive studies on birth control choices such as condoms, pills and other hormonal contraceptives, there is a little mystery surrounding the use of IUDs. Vitally, the IUDs are the greatest contraceptive alternatives for most women even to their late 50s, and for teenagers.

Reasons why Intrauterine Device (IUD) stands out

  • They are utterly safe

Since they are internal, Intrauterine Device (IUDs) have had to contend with some myths and stigma revolving around their safety. These myths and misconceptions should be treated as myths since counter-facts do not back them.

What makes the method efficient and safe is the screening of patients before being treated to IUDs. By screening, patient risks of getting an infection from the device are significantly reduced. Indeed, the method does not affect a woman’s fertility once the birth control has been removed.

The existence of a variety of options

There are different options of Intrauterine Device available. For instance, the copper IUD is a birth control method that is hormone-free. The best part of this copper IUD is that it can prevent conception for a whopping ten years. It’s brand name is ParaGard.

The other option is the Mirena which releases small quantities of progesterone hormone. This option lasts for five years. The newest IUD option is Skyla. This method is hormonal and provides even smaller quantities of progesterone hormone and lasts for three years. Skyla is most preferred by sexually active consumers who feel prickly with the larger IUDs. Therefore, the myriad options available make it easier for consumers to find the best option that fulfills their need.

Manageable slight pain

Although it is quick, the insertion of IUD still takes a minor surgical operation approach and hence inflicts mild pains. The healthcare providers use specula to find the cervix and dilate while passing the device through the canal to the uterus. The process can be crampy, similar to the one experienced during menstrual flow. To avert this, women are always advised to take ibuprofen before the procedure.

You can have one even before getting kids

Some commercials suggested that Intrauterine Device is only suitable for moms. Notably, there are no restrictions on the use of IUDs on the basis of age or whether the user has had children or not. What can make this notion applicable is the fact that women who have had births have their canals stretched during childbirth and this makes them suitable for the dilation of the device. Even to teenagers who can sustain the vaginal examinations, sustaining the IUDs will not be an issue.

You should be aware that the IUDs do not protect from sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, users should embrace responsible sexual behaviors amongst themselves. In case of any complications arising from the use of the device, you can always reach out to us immediately.