3 Things To Know About The Birth Control Pill & How To Choose The Right One

contraceptive pill prescription in ManhattanMost women (married and single) today in Manhattan are using birth control pill. A lot of necessity has been attached to the use of the pills as a birth control method. Though most women get the contraceptive pill in Manhattan, they do not know much about it and the right one to use, and that has resulted in many cases of unwanted pregnancies and complications like cervical cancer.

In this article, you will know several things about the birth control pill. For example, you will know when it’s unsuitable to use the pill, what happens when you miss it, and whether its effectiveness is 100% guaranteed.

Not only that, you will also learn how to choose the right birth control pills.


  • How Many Types Of Pills Are Available?


It is crucial to know that birth control pills contain either progestin-only or both progestin and estrogen hormones. What’s the purpose of these hormones? They make your cervical mucus to thicken and so you stop ovulating.

As a result, it is not possible for the sperms to get into contact with your egg since they are not able to penetrate through thus making it difficult for you to conceive when you are ovulating.


  • What If You Miss A Pill?


Well, human beings at times forget things even when they are crucial. Yes, including taking pills. You need to know that you should not take extra pills because of missing one. However, at such times when you miss the pill, it is crucial to either avoid having sex or use a condom to ensure that you are safe. Always take the pill as instructed by your doctor.


  • Is It 100% Guaranteed?


Well, a birth control pill is not 100% but 99% effective. From research, only 0.3 percent of birth control pills fail due to inappropriate use as well as inconsistency. That is why, during birth control pill prescription in Manhattan, women are reminded not to miss the pill.

The vice president of Planned Parenthood (external medical affairs), Dr. Vanessa Cullins says that depending on the type of pill you are using; there may be some time- allowance within which you can take the pill after missing it and still not conceive.

Nonetheless, choosing the wrong pill may also cause ineffectiveness. So, when your gynecologist in Manhattan prescribes you a contraceptive pill, be sure to inquire the best one to use.

So, How Do You Choose The Right Pill?

Choosing the right control birth pill, especially as a first time user can be a little confusing. Also, the fear of adverse side effects and conceiving after taking the wrong pill can cause fear and anxiety. You do not have to be a victim.

So, choose the right pill. Here’s what to know to choose the right one;

You can only use progestin-only birth control pill if:

  1. You are breastfeeding your baby
  2. You had adverse side effects after using the estrogen
  3. You have health problems such as blood clotting in the lungs or (and) legs.

Avoid using progestin-only if:

  1. You cannot use the pill consistently at that right time
  2. You have (had) breast cancer
  3. You are under HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis medications
  4. You have liver complications
  5. Your  uterine is bleeding

You should not use Combined pill if:

  1. You’re a smoker
  2. You experience migraines
  3. You have (had) a heart attack.
  4. You have had blood clotting in your lungs/legs.

Take This Home

Birth control pill though at times have failed, 99 percent have protected women. Before you get prescribed a contraceptive pill, it is crucial to know the kind that favors you and one that does not. This will help avoid the chances of getting pregnant.

Again, you should keep in mind that these pills protect you from getting pregnant, not contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). So, when you are not sure if your partner might have an STD, be sure to use a condom.