8 Important Reasons Teen Should Schedule a Gynecologist Visit

Do you have teens at home? Are wondering when and why they should take their first gynecologist visit?

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the first visit to the gynecologist should be between the age of 13 and 15. And it doesn’t matter whether they’ve had their periods or are sexually active.

While this age may seem young, and you may see no need to take your daughter to a gynecologist in NYC, there are many reasons you should reconsider. Here are eight important reasons teens should schedule a gynecologist visit.

1. They Need General Information

Once your kid hits their teenage, they’ll begin identifying themselves and discovering many changes in their body. This is the time when many of them will start seeing pubic hair, getting their periods, and feel like they’re growing into womanhood. Many kids around this age may feel uncomfortable and may develop self-esteem issues.

While some parents can be open enough to explain to them about periods and birth control, others will avoid such topics. Teens deserve expert information on these matters other than the hearsay they get from their peers. They can easily open up to a gynecologist and get answers to their questions.

2. Understand Menstrual Issues

Some young girls experience problems when they start seeing their menstrual periods. Some of these issues include irregular periods, heavy bleeding, discharge, pain, prolonged bleeding, and more. All these problems can mess up the girl’s health and even interfere with their fertility when ready to have kids.

To address such issues, the teen should visit a gynecologist as soon as possible.

They don’t have to hear all the myths surrounding hormones and menstrual cycles. A gynecologist will help the teen understand their menstrual process and identify if something is wrong early enough.

3. Gynecologist Visit for Overall Health

A visit to the gynecologist doesn’t always have to be about problems. A regular health checkup is necessary whether you feel sick or not. A gynecologist offers lots of advice, including daily habits that are good for your health.

The teen will learn how to appreciate their life and feel good about their development stages. They can also learn about their body’s reaction to various stages of life.

4. Sexuality and Relationships

Even if your daughter looks innocent about relationship matters, it’s essential to start those conversations. A girl that doesn’t feel comfortable discussing sexuality matters with the parents can open up to the gynecologist. They can discuss losing virginity, responsible sex, and the right time to get into a sexual relationship.

The gynecologist can teach the teen about keeping a healthy relationship and what it means to be in a consensual relationship. They can teach them about transgender, lesbian, bisexual, and gay.

They’ll also learn about how the reproductive system functions.

5. Understand Pregnancy Information

Your teens may be several years from getting their first kids, but they must learn about pregnancy at an early age. They should know that they can become pregnant right from the first time they have their sexual encounters. They should understand that they’re fertile enough to get pregnant but not mature enough to take care of a baby.

A visit to a female gynecologist in NYC should help them learn about the right time to engage in sexual relationships and get pregnant.

6. Know About Sexually Transmitted Instructions

Another aspect of being sexually active involves knowing the existence of sexually transmitted infections. An OB-GYN appointment will help teens understand the types and dangers of STIs. They should also learn about the immunodeficiency virus and how they can contract it.

Teens should understand how these infections spread and how they can protect themselves. They should know the importance of getting tested for HIV and STIs even without experiencing symptoms.

7. Recurrent Yeast Infection

Teenage girls who experience recurring yeast infections should see gynecologists immediately. While there are various treatment options for these conditions, some expert help is necessary to solve the problem once and for all. Common symptoms of yeast infections include itchiness, soreness, discharge, and burning sensation.

The teen needs to see a female OB-GYN in NYC to confirm if the symptoms are indeed yeast infection. They’ll prescribe a perfect treatment for the condition and remedies that can prevent it from recurring.

It’s vital to seek expert help before the yeast infection turns into something more serious.

8. Blood or Pain When Urinating

A teen can also experience blood when urinating, and this should warrant an immediate visit to a gynecologist. The presence of blood in the urine can be indicated by pinkish or brownish urine. You should take your girl to the OB-GYN to determine it’s a health problem.

While many people don’t take this seriously, especially when it doesn’t occur often, it can be a fatal problem if ignored. A woman of any age can experience blood in the urine, and only a gynecologist can help diagnose the problem.

Don’t Wait for Signs of Trouble to Visit a Gynecologist

Parents of teens should be watchful of their kids. If you have any concerns about the development of your child, schedule a gynecologist visit immediately. It’s essential to let the teen learn about the changes taking place in her body at a young age to prevent future problems.

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