7 Reasons to See a Gynecologist in NYC Every Year

Making time to see your doctor can sometimes feel daunting and unnecessary when you have a jam-packed schedule.

If you’re not feeling an itch down there on a bump on your breast, it might be tempting to skip the gynecologist. This is one of the common medical visits that people often put off but without regular checkups, which could lead to serious consequences.

You might be surprised to know that routine visits with your gynecologist in NYC help to cover many bases when it comes to your health. From cancer screening to family planning and everything in between, visiting OBGYN in NYC should be an annual tradition.

If you’ve been putting off a trip to the gyno, here are seven important reasons why you should make a yearly appointment.

1. Plan Your Pap Smear

One of the most essential parts of a visit to the OBGYN in NYC is getting your pap smear done. Women often have many questions about how often a pap smear should be done and it is usually about once a year.

However, every woman is different and only your gynecologist in NYC can recommend a plan for pap smears. This important procedure helps to test for HPV and other precancerous cells around the cervix.

Commit to see the gyno every year at the same time and get into the routine.

2. Get Tested For STIs

Although the rates of STIs dropped during the pandemic, you should still be getting tested regularly if you’re sexually active.

Symptoms of STIs include:

  • Yellow, green, or gray discharge
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain during sex
  • Vagianl bleeding
  • Sores, warts, or blisters around the genitals or anus
  • Itching, rashes, or redness

While these are common symptoms of STIs, some people don’t experience any symptoms. They can also pass on the STI without the presence of symptoms.

If you are sexually active, it is necessary to get routinely checked. A Spanish-speaking OBGYN in NYC is available if you are less comfortable speaking in English. They can assist you with testing, medication, counseling, and a treatment plan.

3. Complete a Breast Exam

Checking for breast cancer is one of the most important aspects of a gynecologist visit.

Although mammograms might be uncomfortable, they are crucial for your breast health. About 13% of American women will develop breast cancer throughout their lives. Completing an annual breast exam is crucial if you want to detect it early and create a treatment plan.

Your gynecologist can perform a breast exam and give you the proper guidance. Be sure to tell your gynecologist if you have a family history of breast cancer and find out how you can lower your risk.

4. Check Your Bladder Health

You might think about the health of your bladder until you wake up with a urinary tract infection for the very first time. After that, you’re likely going to stay on top of your bladder health.

Additionally, as you get older, your bladder doesn’t work in the same way. Stress urinary incontinence is common in post-menopausal women and can cause urine leakage while laughing, sneezing, or coughing.

This is very common but if you’re experiencing issues, an OBGYN in new york city can help you with a treatment plan.

5. Manage Your Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle is part of your life from your very first period to menopause.

While menstrual cycles vary for every woman, there are certain normal and abnormal factors to take into consideration. Regular visits to the gynecologist can help you monitor your menstrual cycle and ensure that what you are experiencing is normal.

Pain, irregularity, and length of the cycle are all important factors that help to gauge your menstrual cycle. An experienced gynecological team can help you regulate your period and offer treatment options if you’re experiencing discomfort with your cycle.

6. Review Your Method of Birth Control

Whether you’re hoping to get pregnant or trying to avoid getting pregnant, a female OBGYN in NYC is your ally.

From infertility to family planning and the delivery room, your OBGYN will be with you every step of the way. They can also help with contraception. If you want hormonal, non-hormonal, or permanent birth control, your OBGYB in the upper east side has a variety of options for you.

7. Monitor Your Sexual Health

While we all like to explore our sexuality, it is also comforting to speak to a medical professional about it. A gynecologist can not only help you with the medical side of your sexual health, but also the mental and emotional side.

You might have questions about sex, your feelings, safety in a relationship, or pressure around sex. You can address these questions and more with your trusted gynecologist.

A Spanish-speaking gynecologist in NYC can help you get the most out of your visit with a variety of services and a confidential sharing environment.

Don’t Hesitate and Make Your Annual Visit to a Gynecologist in NYC

If you’ve been putting off seeing the gynecologist, getting into the habit of making a yearly visit is important for your overall health. Not only can a gynecologist in NYC help monitor your menstrual cycle, check for breast cancer,  and assist with birth control, but they can also do your pap smear, and check for STIs.

A female gynecologist in NYC is a great one-stop-shop to stay on top of your healthcare.

Be sure to visit our website and schedule an appointment with a gynecologist in Manhattan.