10 Best Places to Visit with your Children when Living in NYC

New York City can be an exciting and stimulating place to live, especially if you’re a mom with kids. From museums and galleries to outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do together as a family in the big apple. Here are some of our top picks for activities for moms and kids living in New York City:

1. Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry

The views from this iconic ferry are unparalleled and offer gorgeous views of Downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Plus, it’s completely free!

2. Visit the Central Park Zoo

With over 130 species, this zoo offers tons of interactive experiences for kids such as feeding sea lions and seeing snow monkeys up close.

3. Tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum is huge so plan your trip accordingly! Kids will love exploring all the different kinds of art, artifacts, and culture that this museum has to offer.

4. Catch a Broadway show

Take your family out to see one of Broadway’s many incredible shows! There are shows designed specifically for families or you can pick one that everyone will enjoy watching together.

5. Explore Coney Island

It might not be summertime but there’s still plenty to do at Coney Island such as rides, games, delicious food options, and even some stunning views of the oceanfront area!

6. Have fun at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

There’s something here for everyone – from unusual facts and strange artifacts to puzzles and mazes – there’s no shortage of unique entertainment at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

7. Visit the Bronx Zoo

Featuring more than 6500 animals from around the world, this zoo is sure to be a hit with kids (and adults!) alike. There is also an education center where visitors can learn about conservation efforts happening all over the world!

8. Go on a bike tour through Central Park

Rent bikes for both parents and kids then set off on an exciting journey around Central Park’s winding paths! Stop along the way to take scenic photos or have a picnic in one of its many green spaces while soaking up its beauty.

9. Enjoy some sweet treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Enjoy all sorts of sugary treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar located right near Fifth Avenue! You’ll find old-school favorites like gummy bears alongside artisan chocolates with unique flavors – perfect for any sweet tooth craving you may have!

10. Experience Times Squarep

Last but not least – don’t forget about Times Square where you can take in dazzling neon lights while grabbing dinner or checking out one of its many stores after dark!

No matter what your family enjoys doing together – New York City has something special waiting just around every corner! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore all that NYC has to offer with your little ones today!

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